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Past Commandresses

Dt. O'Celia Shirley, the remarkable first Illustrious Commandress and charter member of Medji Court No. 38, stands as a beacon of phenomenal leadership. With her visionary guidance, she led a small group of court members to their current position of excellence in Service and Finer Womanhood.

Today, we joyfully celebrate the accomplished Past Commandresses who have contributed their fortitude, grace, and dignity to the court. These exceptional women have not only embraced the original vision but have also built upon the achievements of their visionary predecessors. As a result, Medji Court No. 38 has grown into a strong force dedicated to serving Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Tarrant County.

In reverent tribute to these pioneer women, we honor their legacy. Their leadership has infused Medji Court No. 38 with the very essence of our community's spirit. We are blessed with enthusiastic members and invaluable support from our community, for which we express our love and gratitude. It is through their unwavering dedication and commitment to service that Medji Court No. 38 is able to effect positive change in our communities, creating a better world for generations to come.



Dt. Tianna Williams (2023)

Dt. Patricia Thomas (2022)


Dt. Monica Stoglin (2021)

Dt. Conwaja Brunson-Grice (2020)

Dt. Cyro Foster (2019)

Dt. Patina Alexander (2018)

Dt. Demetra Jackson (2017)

Dt. Monique Calbert (2016)

Dt. Marian Scott (2014-2015)

Dt. Kristin M. Gardner (2012-2013)

Dt. Sharon R. Jones (2011-2012)

Dt. Joyce Curtis-Toney (2010)

* Dt. Paula West (2008-2009)

Dt. Arlene Curtis-Simon (2006-2007)

Dt. Mary Hardeman (2005)

Dt. Barbara Jones (2004)

Dt. Prince Judie (2002-2003)

Dt. Kathyrn Conway (2000-2001)

Dt. Maria Gonzalez (1998-1999)

Dt. Peggy Nuttroy (1996-1997)

Dt. Edna Chapman (1995)

Dt. Margie Soders (1994) 


Dt. Ola Mae Nelms (1994)

Dt. Rasheedah Long (1993-1994)

Dt. Irma Cothran (1991-1992)

Dt. Lois Lane

Dt. Leola Jackson

Dt. Margaret Irvin

Dt. Louis Pulling

Dt. Eloise Spivey (1987-1989)

Dt. Dorothy Harrison (1985-1986)

Dt. Josephine S. Williams (1982-1984)

Dt. Alice Powell (1979-1981)

Dt. Alvenia Carter (1977-1978)

* Dt. A. Hardemon

* Dt. Henrietta Blake (1974 - 1973)

* Dt. Kathryn Brown (1970-1979)

* Dt. Tessie Preston (1966-1969)

* Dt. Hyler Dixon (1962-1965)

* Dt. Grace Moore

* Dt. Early Richardson

* Dt. P. Livingston

* Dt. O'Celia Shirley (1948)

Honorary Past Imperial Commandress

Dt. Opal L. Lee (2021)

Honorary Past Commandress


Dt. Linda Williams (2021)

Dt. Bert Sampson-Robinson (2019)


Dt. Debra Edmon (2004)


* Dt. Velma Mosley (1996)

* Deceased

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