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Illustrious Commandress
Dt. Shirley Gipson


We express our gratitude for your interest in Medji Court No. 38, Daughters of Imperial Court®. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we are honored that you have taken the time to delve deeper into our court and learn about our community involvement, local partnerships, and more. We invite you to join us at public events, where you can connect with us and gain a better understanding of our ongoing service efforts.

For over 74 years, Medji Court has been fortunate to serve the City of Fort Worth and the surrounding cities in Tarrant County. Our court, established on August 20, 1948, holds the distinction of being the 38th court of the Daughters of Imperial Court®, with deep roots and a rich history of supporting our local area.

As the 43rd Illustrious Commandress of Medji Court, I am thrilled to lead our programs and initiatives as we continue to serve our community. I encourage you to follow us on our social media platforms and join us at upcoming events as we strive to make a significant impact in Fort Worth and its neighboring areas.

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